Public procurement and PPP

We specialize in handling public procurement procedures. We advise in the course of contract performance and we make claims after its execution. We provide a safe legal framework for cooperation between the private, state and local government sectors, including in the field of Public-Private Partnership.


Commercial contracts

In the scope of services provided by our Law Firm, there is consultancy in the field of negotiating, preparing, concluding, performing, renegotiating and amending and terminating civil law agreements. We prepare contracts both domestically and internationally, effectively recognizing and securing possible risks, including tax risks.


Real Estate

We have extensive experience in the real estate industry and in the construction sector. We advise on particular stages of the investment – from the analysis of the legal status of the property with an indication of existing and potential risks, to assistance related to planning and spatial development, acquisition of real estate and its financing. We also provide permanent advice on legal aspects of real estate use. Among the areas of our specialization are analysis of legal status of real estate and consultancy in the scope of removing their negative results, development of the structure of real estate purchase transactions, taking into account legal and tax and financial aspects, legal services in establishing and eliminating property encumbrances, among others limited rights in property or consultancy regarding spatial development and the investment process.

Energetics, ESCO, RES, CHP, waste

We provide comprehensive legal services to entities operating in the energy and natural resources sectors. In the energy industry, we advise on both traditional energy and renewable energy sources.

We are experts in full-range service of energy projects in the ESCO industry.


Innovative technologies

Our Law Firm provides legal services for the processes of acquiring and implementing innovative technologies, in particular for the needs of the conventional energy, renewable energy and mining sectors. We work with the most recognized research centers and technical universities, including field of mining, chemistry and energy.


Mergers, acquisitions and restructuring

One of the main areas of our practice is consultancy in the field of mergers, acquisitions and capital restructuring of companies and capital groups of national and international reach.


Court and arbitration proceedings

We have a wealth of experience in litigation. We provide representation in proceedings before common courts, administrative courts and the Supreme Court, as well as before arbitration courts.


Investment and construction process

One of the most important areas of our activity is the comprehensive service of investment and construction projects. We help our clients at every stage of the project implementation: from the investment preparation stage through the execution of works and project settlement. Our experts advise investors and contractors in the selection of investment implementation formula, prepare contracts and support in contract negotiations.


Administrative proceedings

Our experts have 15 years of practice in all types of administrative proceedings, including proceedings before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office and other public administration authorities in matters related to the power sector and gas sector, as well as in subsectors of combined heat and power plants, renewable energy sources and fuel.


Labor law and outsourcing

Our lawyers have extensive knowledge and extensive experience in the field of labor law, gained thanks to ongoing support for corporate entities as well as individual clients.

We also have the competence to support entities professionally operating on the labor market – employment agencies and entities providing outsourcing services.


Corporate services and capital groups

We elaborated the highest standards of corporate services, which have been working for years in the capital groups we support, including the state group CEZ a.s. operating in Poland, for which we provide permanent and full-scope legal services. Our Clients appreciate our insightful approach to corporate issues, as well as flexibility and availability, which are always part of our corporate service package.


Negotiations and mediation

As a separate asset, we present our negotiation and mediation skills. We have reach experience of hundreds of hours of negotiation spent in conditions of conflict and business pressure. The background of our negotiations was often international contracts. Our pride is the satisfaction of our clients, because many times during the negotiations we were able to change the unfavorable situation for them. To this end, we combine great motivation and commitment, supported by in-depth legal analysis. Multidimensional assessment of the situation gives our clients the necessary arguments in the dispute.

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