Court and arbitration proceedings

We have a wealth of experience in litigation. We provide representation in proceedings before common courts, administrative courts and the Supreme Court, as well as before arbitration courts. Our lawyers provide dispute resolution services at all their stages – from mediation or attempts to settle the dispute by representing the client during court claims seeking to secure them and issuing the final ruling, and ending with execution of the debtor’s assets or carrying out against the debtor restructuring or bankruptcy proceedings.

We start work with a detailed assessment of the situation and choosing the best solution. Professional preparation of the material before filing the claim is the basis for further action. We analyze the legitimacy of claims in the proceedings, help in gathering evidence and in preparation for a possible trial – also by securing claims and evidence. We adapt the strategy of conducting the case to the client’s needs.

Our Law Firm represented clients in many disputes in the field of energy. Apart from winning court disputes, the measure of the involvement of our lawyers is the fact that on the basis of our proceedings, the courts issued precedent judgments that changed the current line of jurisprudence.