Corporate services and capital groups

We elaborated the highest standards of corporate services, which have been working for years in the capital groups we support, including the state group CEZ a.s. operating in Poland, for which we provide permanent and full-scope legal services.

Our Clients appreciate our insightful approach to corporate issues, as well as flexibility and availability, which are always part of our corporate service package.

We are experts in the field of broadly understood corporate law. Over the many years of practice, we have carried out a number of highly complex transactions: restructuring of domestic and international capital groups, privatizations, mergers and acquisitions, investment agreements or share issues using contributions in the form of complex assets.

We have carried out complex restructuring of capital groups including mergers and divisions of companies, as well as transferring groups of assets including energy projects.

As part of our practice, we assisted in the largest takeover of the Polish wind farm developer on the RES market by the Czech state capital group CEZ a.s.