Public procurement and PPP

We specialize in handling public procurement procedures. We advise in the course of contract performance and we make claims after its execution. We provide a safe legal framework for cooperation between the private, state and local government sectors, including in the field of Public-Private Partnership.

We support our clients starting from the stage of preparing the offer, by assessing the fulfillment of the tender documentation requirements and indicating the risks arising from it, solving current problems at the stage of tender procedures and project implementation, as well as handling any disputes in the field of public procurement. We have extensive experience in representation before the National Board of Appeal. Our lawyers are experts in the field of public procurement procedures in the construction, transport, energy and ESCO sectors. The Energy Service Company branch is the subject of many years of practice of our law firm. We are experts in full-range service of energy projects in the ESCO industry. Every day we participate in the acquisition and execution of such projects, and we represent our clients in disputes arising from their implementation.

We have experience in both economic operators and public contractors. We provide comprehensive support for the preparation process of the contractor’s offer and participation in the procurement process. The team of our Law Firm analyzes the documentation of the ordering party and advises on detailed ordering procedures (among others, conditions for participation in the proceedings, required documentation, preparation of explanations by the operators). The scope of our services also includes direct support in negotiations (PPP procedures) and support of accompanying processes, including the creation of SPV, development of consortium agreements as well as formal and legal support for contracting suppliers, subcontractors, etc.

We have many years of comprehensive experience at every stage of acquiring and implementing public procurement.

  • 1
    Preparation of the offer

    assessment of meeting the requirements of the tender documentation, indication of the risks arising from it, solving current problems at the stage of tender proceedings

  • 2
    Representation before the KIO

    we comprehensively support proceedings before the National Appeal Chamber - from the stage of detecting errors in the content of the Terms of Reference or the awarding entity's decision, through representation at the hearing, to complaints about KIO judgments

  • 3
    Implementation of a public contract

    ongoing consultancy at the project implementation stage, including assessment of the legitimacy of the contracting authority's submissions, extension of contractual deadlines, analysis of the scope of contractual obligations, actions to prevent the contracting authority's claims

  • 4
    Handling as-built claims

    we have extensive experience in judicial redress of contractors and defense against claims of contracting authorities.