Innovative technologies

Our Law Firm provides legal services for the processes of acquiring and implementing innovative technologies, in particular for the needs of the conventional energy, renewable energy and mining sectors. We work with the most recognized research centers and technical universities, including the field of mining, chemistry and energy. We support entrepreneurs during the procedure of obtaining technology, negotiations, preparation of contracts necessary for the implementation of technology and further implementation of the project, including license agreements, contracts for obtaining financing and various types of agreements on joint ventures.

We develop energy projects in Poland, Europe and Russia both from the legal and business side, using the technology of coal gasification and municipal waste, obtained from the USA directly by Partners in our Law Office. We work on a regular basis with the Gas Technology Institute and experts from the best Polish research institutes and technical universities, such as the Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal, Central Mining Institute, AGH University of Science and Technology, Silesian University of Technology. We participate in the program of modernization of the Polish power industry, taking part in the work of Sejm commissions preparing energy strategies in particular segments of the energy sector. We are currently participating in the preparation of a strategic analysis of the development of the hydrogen economy in Poland. Our projects are among others an element of the flagship program of modernization of 200+ power units.

As part of our practice, we have conducted, among others transfer of coal gasification technologies and waste for several projects with a volume of PLN 1 billion each.